Excellence in Teaching and Learning

    The Apollo University is committed to high standards of scholarly excellence based on varied forms of scholarship. This will enable us to support scholarship aimed at shaping and improving public policies and practices. We believe that active scholarship is essential to excellent teaching and therefore are committed to developing a faculty of teacher-scholars, students who collaborate with faculty on research projects, and staff who are engaged in advancing the professional practice in their fields.

  • Plan 1: Organize forums to support faculty scholarly skills and activities:
    • a) Promote discussion of achieving balance among the components of the faculty role, i.e., teaching, scholarship, and service.
    • b) Conduct a dialogue on the multiple forms of scholarship and creative activities and the assessment of scholarship in its various forms.
    • c) Conduct workshops on providing advice on the process of publishing scholarly works.
  • Plan 2: Create opportunities for collaborations in research and creative activities:
    • a) Develop a mechanism for matching student and faculty research interests.
  • Plan 3: Foster the scholarly activities of students:
    • a) Encourage and support student attendance at regional academic and professional conferences.
    • b) Provide formal recognition and incentives for faculty who sponsor or supervise student scholarship.
    • c) Find ways to support faculty/student interaction outside the classroom.
    • d) Recognize faculty’s student project supervisionefforts.
  • Plan 4: Identify research/scholarship space needs and include those needs in space planning.
  • Plan 5: Regularly distribute information to students and faculty about institutional support for scholarship.
  • Plan 6: Increase funding, non-instructional assignment availability, and joint appointments for pursuit of faculty scholarly and creative activities.
  • Plan 7: Increase funding for staff professional development and scholarly activities.